Amber Forte (born 2 September 1991) is a world record holding skydiver. Born in Torquay in Devon county, Amber is currently ranked #1 female wingsuiter in the world and holds the world record for the fastest female in a wingsuit. In 2018 Amber became the first female in history to place top 10 in an international FIA performance wingsuit competition.

Her determination and success during international competition representing Norway, meant that in 2018 she became the first female member of the Norwegian national wingsuit team. Amber recently won a silver medal at the 2021 FIA world championships in Acrobatic wingsuiting.  

Amber has worked as a stunt performer in a variety of movies, commercials and documentaries. Including, movie Race 3, commercial for Samsung/3mobile.se, award winning short film Point of no return and Norwegian TV series Værdal’n karsk & BASE.

She is also a key member in Team OneCall (FB/IG), Norwegian airsport stunt/demo team as a performer, camera operator, editor and content distributor. She is an active social media influencer who consistently creates content for her personal platforms (FB/IG) both as a performer and camera-woman.