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Indoor Wingsuit is an indoor skydiving facility located in Stockholm, Sweden. It is a training tool for people looking to learn/ increase their skills and knowledge of wingsuiting in a safe and controlled environment. 

World class wingsuit pilots Amber Forte and Espen Fadnes are certified freelance coaches and run monthly courses for all skill levels.

Upcoming camps:

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Whats included?

When you sign up for coaching, you can choose how many days/ minutes you would like to fly within the course dates. We will help you to design a training plan which suits you and helps you to reach your goals. 

We will guide you from start to finish on your flying journey, with detailed briefings and de-briefings using video.

We usually recommend that people start by flying 30 minutes on their first day and increase by 10 minutes per day, up to 60 minutes per day. After three/ four days of flying people usually require a rest day before continuing with training. We always aim for quality over quantity and have a huge focus on safety

when training inside the wingsuit tunnel.

We stay together with camp participants at The Mornington Hotel Bromma, which is a 5 minute walk from Indoor Wingsuit. They have comfortable rooms with breakfast included, a great restaurant with affordable meals and a good quality gym for those who would like to train between sessions. You will receive a discount code for the hotel when you book onto our courses.

Price: 9960SEK per hour (tunnel time, coaching and gear rental)

Note: you will be invoiced directly from myself or Espen Fadnes after you have flown. Please do not place any money onto an account at the facility.

If you would like to make a booking, send an email to;



Amber coaching Jamie Cartwright in his skydiving wingsuit on 2:0 glide ratio


Every flight is debriefed using a video from your previous flight.


Espen securing a customer whilst trying a new suit. 

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